Investment Policy


Miton Global Opportunities plc (“Miton”), previously known as the Miton Worldwide Growth Investment Trust plc, was founded in 2004 (Ticker: MIGO). It invests in closed-end investment funds traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, but has the flexibility to invest in investment funds listed or dealt on other recognised stock exchanges, in unlisted closed-end funds (including, but not limited to, funds traded on AIM) and in open-ended investment funds.

It has tended to be instinctively contrarian in approach, aiming to profit from the cycle of investor sentiment and the driving forces and catalysts for change in the market. Diversification is achieved through investment in UK and Overseas Equities, Fixed Interest, Alternative Assets, Structured Products, Property and Private Equity.

Our Role

Frostrow Capital were appointed by the Board of Miton to provide distribution and marketing, company secretarial and accounting services with effect from 31st January 2016.

More information on Miton can be found on here on their website.