They do all of the 'PLC' bit which sets them apart.


In the past, much of the investment company sector was dominated by a relatively small number of fund management groups that provided all the services that a quoted investment company requires. This would include both the ‘pure investment services’ and the ‘non-investment services’, such as marketing, company secretarial work and administration.

Increasingly, the boards of investment companies are required to demonstrate their independence and in some cases are seeking to outsource some or all of the non-investment services.

Frostrow Capital has developed a modular service approach that allows our clients to select one or all of the services that are needed to operate successfully as a fully independent board, acting in the best interests of shareholders.

Company Management

We provide full company (non-investment) services for a number of our clients, encompassing administration and company secretarial work, marketing and shareholder services.

Strategic Advice

The team at Frostrow Capital are specialists in the investment company sector with unrivalled experience of many of the issues the sector and companies face from time to time. It is normal practice for us to offer advice to our clients on general operations such as industry best practice, however we are also fully equipped to offer strategic advice through various situations or crises.


Frostrow Capital promotes its client companies to investors who are typically discretionary asset managers, institutions, pension funds and private client stock brokers. Active, constant marketing helps to grow companies, keep discounts narrow and serves to lower the total expense ratios. We aim to understand shareholders, facilitate communication with the portfolio manager and ensure that the information we produce is easily accessible and distributed constructively.

Company Secretarial

Frostrow Capital has a highly experienced team who are able to provide the full range of company secretarial services required by stock exchange-listed investment companies. In addition, we provide general advice on the conduct of the company and continuously ensure that the highest standards of corporate governance, operations and compliance are upheld.

Investment Fund Accounting

Frostrow Capital is responsible for the day-to-day operations of each client company ensuring that a company’s accounts are accurate and comply with Statement of Recommended Practice, as produced by the Association of Investment Companies and are consistent with the requirements of relevant accounting standards. We are also responsible for producing the interim and full year accounts, ensuring that the annual audit is conducted in an efficient manner.


Frostrow Capital is responsible for the day to day investment fund administration and for ensuring that the investment manager complies with the investment guidelines. The administration function includes trade capture, trade processing, pricing and valuation of the portfolio. The Net Asset Value per share of each investment company is published on a daily basis.