Frostrow Capital is an independent investment companies group and AIFM. We specialise in providing services to a growing number of leading London Stock Exchange-listed investment companies whose combined assets amount to approximately £20bn*.

Founded in 2007, we are an owner-managed, FCA-regulated firm, and our team has over 300 combined years of specialist investment company experience. The portfolios of our investment company clients are managed by separate, specialist portfolio managers, whilst we specialise in providing the required operational and oversight functions, as well as distribution.

We believe our management model enables investment companies to operate more effectively: portfolio managers can focus purely on picking stocks, potential corporate governance conflicts are avoided and our active, focused distribution efforts help to stimulate secondary market demand.

*As at 31 October 2021.


For Boards

The Frostrow team is made up of senior people who have extensive experience of the investment companies sector. We understand how things work on a practical level and what is required from a regulatory perspective. Furthermore, we have worked with many different Boards and advisers over many years and so can provide the strategic know-how that facilitates sound decision making at Board level.

We are therefore able to manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations and administration of our client investment companies, including the requirements of the AIFM Directive.

By overseeing and co-ordinating any services provided by third parties, we help to enable timely completion to the highest standards. This ensures that a Board can remain non-executive and no area of service or operation is missed.

Furthermore, with portfolio management kept separate from the operational and oversight functions, we believe Board independence is assured and potential conflicts are avoided.


For Investment Managers

We are regulated by the FCA as a full scope AIFM and can ensure that the regulatory requirements of this and all other UK regulatory requirements are met.

Our regulatory status and our focus on day-to-day operations, administration and distribution mean that we are able to work alongside portfolio managers, based anywhere in the world, who wish to manage the portfolios of UK-listed investment companies. By working alongside us, they do not need to be regulated in the UK or provide any of the services we do. This leaves them free to focus purely on their investment portfolios.


For Brokers

We have extensive experience of working closely alongside the most prominent brokers who are active in the investment companies sector. We do not compete with investment company brokers nor does our work overlap with theirs.

Our focused distribution efforts seek to actively engage with existing and potential investors, in order to increase demand for the shares in the secondary market. If successful, our efforts will result in increased purchases of the shares through the brokers who make a market in our client companies’ shares. We see our efforts as complementary to the marketing efforts of the respective brokers and investment managers, with whom we collaborate closely.

When it comes to the primary market, we are able to provide and manage all of the required operational, regulatory, accounting and company secretarial aspects involved in the run-up to the launch of a new investment company.