Full service model

As part of our full service offering, Frostrow is able to manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations, administration and promotion of investment companies, thereby enabling investment managers to focus on the investment portfolios under their management.

We are regulated by the FCA as a full-scope AIFM and we are able to ensure that the regulatory requirements of the AIFM Directive and all other UK regulatory requirements are met.



Frostrow is authorised by the FCA to act as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) to several of our investment company clients. The two key roles of the AIFM are the portfolio management and risk management functions. Under the Frostrow model, portfolio management is delegated, subject to the oversight of Frostrow and the Board, to the appointed portfolio manager on a fully discretionary basis, while Frostrow performs the risk management function. We believe that by separating oversight and the risk management function from portfolio management, a superior corporate governance structure is achieved.

Company Secretarial

Frostrow’s highly experienced team performs the full range of company secretarial services required by stock exchange-listed investment companies. We also provide general advice on the conduct of the company and continuously ensure that the highest standards of corporate governance, operations and compliance are upheld.

Fund Accounting

Frostrow manages the day-to-day operations of each client company. We ensure the accounts are consistent with the requirements of the relevant accounting standards and comply with the AIC's Statement of Recommended Practice. We produce the interim and full year accounts and ensure the annual audit is conducted effectively.

Fund Administration

We are responsible for the day-to-day investment fund administration and ensure the investment manager complies with investment guidelines. The administration function includes trade capture, trade processing, pricing and valuation of the portfolio. The net asset value per share of each investment company is published on a daily basis.

Investor Relations & Marketing

Using our position as an independent investment company specialist, we promote our client companies as widely as possible in order to grow them. By actively engaging with existing and potential investors, we work to increase demand for the shares in the secondary market. This complements the efforts of the respective portfolio managers and brokers, with whom we collaborate closely. We conduct comprehensive market reviews to define intelligent, dynamic market strategies. These reviews typically involve sector and peer group analysis, investor consultation and perception studies, broker analyst opinion, market share and shareholder register analysis. We want to enhance the investment proposition, differentiate it from its peers and ensure its ongoing attractiveness. We also want to identify the relevant investor groups, determine how best to reach them and then create appropriate content.

Strategic Support

We are specialists in the investment company sector, with unrivalled experience in dealing with the many regulatory and compliance issues involved in the successful running of an investment company. We are fully equipped to offer strategic support to help our clients navigate a broad range of situations or crises.