Why choose us

We strive to enable our client companies to
function more effectively;

We are experienced specialists who provide
a quality service;

We are an independent , single point of
contact for all non-investment functions.


Their technical knowledge is strong and they have a reputation for honesty and diligence.

Their unique proposition is that they can offer a one-stop shop….

Frostrow Capital provides professional services to LSE-listed investment companies with combined assets in excess of £4bn.

We perform the ‘non-investment’ functions required for the successful operation of investment companies. For some of our clients, this involves comprehensive management of the company, performing all day-to-day operations and providing strategic advice and marketing.

By keeping the operations of the company separate from the investment management, board independence is assured and shareholder interests are better served. This model provides an alternative to the fully integrated fund management groups, eliminates potential conflicts and we believe represents the future for investment companies.

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